We help you to enter the Basque Country through the front door

In the Basque Country we know that it is impossible to be successful if you are alone. It is necessary to have a network of collaborators, partners and distributors who enable us to be competitive and innovative. For this reason, the industrial network of the Basque Country forms a single fabric in which different kinds of companies as well as universities, public institutions and technology centres work together to remain a benchmark in Industry 4.0. Are you thinking about investing in the Basque Country? Then we will take charge of making you into one more player in Europe’s benchmark industrial fabric.

Our knowledge and close relationship with institutional organizations and private companies enables us to offer you high quality, trusted professional support for your project. We will identify institutional partners and key suppliers that match your project requirements. In addition, we will present your project to them and enlist their support and advise you about all the procedures to be performed. In short, we will help you by:

  • Putting you in touch with the most important local companies, partners or distributors.
  • Accompanying and advising you on how to fill in all the paperwork.
  • Identifying institutional and private partners, as well as key suppliers for each stage of your project.
  • Providing institutional support in presenting the project to the partners chosen.
  • Revealing all the secrets and characteristics around the industrial and business environment of the Basque Country.
  • Helping you to prepare project presentations.
  • Accompanying you in the process and procedures to be carried out with the partners chosen.

Do you want to create strategic alliances with both private and public partners and suppliers?

We will be beside you throughout the process and will introduce you into the cluster so that you can contact the most powerful and competitive local businesses. Do you want to enter the Basque Country through the front door? Would you like to go hand in hand with knowledge and experience?

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