The Basque rail industry offers global & innovative solutions

The Basque rail industry is identified as one of the most pioneering, with solutions and services adapted to the specific requirements of each operator and project. In this heavily internationalised sector, the ongoing commitment to innovation and technological development in recent years has been key.

The railway industry in the Basque Country has prestigious international companies such as Talgo, Vossloh Cogifer (Amurrio Railway), Bombardier and JEZ.

This industry has strengthened its role as supplier of technology, equipment, engineering and construction works for railway transport networks worldwide, highlighting the recent award of both high speed and local networks, metros and trams to cutting edge companies with plants in the Basque Country, which has contributed to the international consolidation of the Basque sector. These contracts brought about an acceleration of industrial activity in 2013 and for the forthcoming years for the leading railway sub-sectors, such as engineering, construction, signalling, electrification, tracks, equipment and rolling stock.

The railway industry in the Basque Country has prestigious international companies such as Talgo, Vossloh Cogifer (Amurrio Railway), Bombardier and JEZ.


The headquarters of the Spanish Railway Association MAFEX is located in the Basque Country, which is proof in itself of the specific weight of this sector.

The rail industry in the Basque Country bears the undisputed stamp of one company. CAF-Construcción y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, a benchmark and one of the leaders of the international rail industry. The company offers comprehensive global rail solutions which, in addition to the supply of trains, include viability studies, civil works, electrification, signalling, maintenance and system operation. CAF has production facilities in Europe and America and is present in 18 countries worldwide. It has participated in the construction of the suburban railway system in Mexico, driverless metros in Helsinki and Santiago de Chile, and trams in Canberra (Australia) and Medellin (Colombia), among others. The company is progressing to world leadership in the manufacture and supply of railway rolling stock with technology of maximum reliability.

Green seal technologies

With the aim of providing more efficient and environmentally-friendly means of transport, CAF is involved in the implementation of the Product Sustainability Function, incorporating ecodesign methodologies into engineering processes to optimise and monitor the environmental impact of products throughout their entire life cycle.

The transport of the future that respects the past

CAF, through CAF Power & Automation, has developed the Rapid Charge Accumulator (ACR), an innovative solution for catenary-free trams. This energy storage system on board the train accumulates energy from braking and allows the movement of catenary-free trams between stops, and saves energy by the recovery of all energy during braking.

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