The Basque shipbuilding industry has a great recognition in the international market

The Basque Country is a territory of customs and traditions closely linked to the sea. It is not surprising, therefore, that the maritime sector has an important weight in the Basque economy, where it makes up 1.74% of GDP.

Investment in R+D+I and the application of new technologies in shipbuilding and machinery that is incorporated into the ship, offer high technological value to the companies in the sector.

The Basque shipbuilding industry, with great recognition in the international market, specialises in high-tech and added-value ships: the best tuna seiners in the world, technologically advanced vessels for the Oil & Gas market, etc. with which they compete in emerging niche markets internationally.


Marine energy
(offshore wind mainly)

Super yachts

Oil & Gas – Subsea

State Action Ships

Medium-sized cruise ships

The Basque Country also has an auxiliary industry which manufactures marine equipment and subcontracts high-tech services. This makes it one of the few places in the world with such a large concentration of shipbuilding industries together.

The most representative companies of this sector, a reference in the international market, are Sener Navalwhich designs more efficient and environmentally friendly ships, develops naval engineering projects and consultancy; and Vicinay Cadenas, world leader in the manufacture of mooring systems for maritime applications, and the manufacture of chains for oil platforms.

The following shipyards can be highlighted: La Naval, Balenciaga, Murueta and Zamakona, are all technologically positioned and competitive at an international level.

Basque Maritime Forum

The cluster association of the Basque maritime sector is responsible for fostering and increasing the competitiveness of companies in the sector. It has become the main reference for the sector in the Basque Country and one of the most widely-recognised associations internationally. Companies in the Basque Maritime Forum, together with the Energy Cluster, work on joint offshore wind, marine energy and Oil & Gas projects. They have created the brand “Wave Energy Basque Country”,

The Basque Maritime Forum has promoted, together with the Energy Cluster, the Wave Energy Basque Country initiative, in which companies from both sectors will work on joint projects.

This companies and scientific-technological agents are collaborating in R&D projects related to wave energy, in order to achieve technical and economic viability, which will make it possible to implement wave energy in the marketplace in the near future.


The Basque Maritime Industries Association, which aims to promote the maritime activity and culture of the Basque Country. It consists of more than 160 partners, including Merchant and Fishing Ship owners, Shipyards and Auxiliary Industry, subcontractors and equipment manufacturers.

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