Energy is a strategic sector in Basque Country

The energy sector in the Basque Country is strategic and highly dynamic throughout the value chain and in the manufacture of equipment or services for the installation and maintenance of energy infrastructures. The Basque Country is internationally positioned as a knowledge hub and a centre of world-class industry.

Basque companies in the energy sector are backed by a robust scientific-technological infrastructure, led by the CIC Energigune Cooperative Research Centre, which is an example of the commitment to knowledge generation and innovation in this sector. The centre has the backing of public institutions and administrations as well as companies directly related to the energy sector. It aims to drive and coordinate the Basque Country’s technology strategy in the energy sector and has innovative facilities, state of-the-art equipment, an experienced management team and a scientific committee made up of leading scientists, entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Furthermore, the Basque Country has promoted an Advanced Manufacturing Centre for the wind sector (WINDBOX) with investment of €13m to enhance the technological positioning and international competitiveness of suppliers of sub-systems and products for the wind sector. It is backed by the Basque companies Adwen, Antec, Erreka, Gamesa, Hine, Glual, LauLagun and Wec, with the pull-power of the Energy Cluster, the logistical support of IK4-Tekniker and funding from the Basque Government Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness and from SPRI.

The Basque energy sector also has a strong presence of major international companies with manufacturing plants and R&D centres in the Basque Country, such as Alstom Alstom, Siemens, General Electric, ABB y Schneider.

EVE. Ente vasco de la energía

EVE, the Basque Energy Agency, is the Basque Government agency responsible for developing projects and initiatives in line with the policies defined by the government for an energy policy based on energy efficiency, the diversification of our energy sources and the promotion of renewable energies. It proposes strategies and is actively involved in their development.

Basque Energy Cluster

Basque Energy Cluster is made up of the Basque Country’s leading companies in the value chain of the energy sector (energy operators, equipment and component manufacturers and services companies), agents in the Basque scientific-technological field and public administration bodies with responsibilities in the energy sector.

Following leading international Basque drivers


Iberdrola in the production, distribution and sale of energy at an international level as the leading energy group in Spain, world leader in renewable energy and one of the largest electrical companies worldwide.(*)The Basque companies Gamesa and Iberdrola, through their subsidiaries Gamesa Wind and Iberdrola Renewables respectively, have signed an agreement for the supply of 208 megawatts in the United States.


Petronor – Repsol with a refinery linked by an oil pipeline to the port moorings of one of the main deep-sea ports in Europe. The new URF plant has involved recent investment of over a billion euros. The project includes a co-generation unit capable of producing 100 MWh.


Global technology leader in the worldwide wind power industry, backed by twenty years’ experience and the installation of over 34,600 MW in 56 countries. Its integral response in this market also includes the management of operation and maintenance (O&M). (*)The Basque companies Gamesa and Iberdrola, through their subsidiaries Gamesa Wind and Iberdrola Renewables respectively, have signed an agreement for the supply of 208 megawatts in the United States.


Company providing technology solutions and EPC projects recognized worldwide for the execution of technologically complex turn-key projects. It builds plants in the fields of solar energy, combined cycle, cogeneration, biomass, etc.


Industrial and technology group operates in the area of power grids, electronics and communication networks as well as the security and aerospace sectors where safety, efficiency and reliability are highly valued. It has 15 manufacturing plants and 3,000 employees.


Is a company specialising in the design of power and control electronics, electrical machinery, electrical engineering and power plants, seeking to optimise consumption and maximise efficiency in power generation. It has plants in 15 countries and more than 3,000 professionals working for it.


Has 65 years of experience in the electricity sector. It is an international company, with teams operating in over 150 countries and companies in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania, and provides service through over 80 technical-commercial offices.

Energy efficiency, diversification of energy sources and
the promotion of renewable energies are the basis of the energy policy in the Basque Country.


Electrical networks

  • Bidelek project: Implementation of smart grids.
  • Ingrid project: High power and high voltage labs.

Wind power

  • Wind Box Advanced Manufacturing Center

Solar power


Wave power

  • BIMEP: offshore prototype test platform for wave energy converters.
  • Mutriku Wave Energy Plant. Power Generation from wave movement.

Electric Vehicles

  • Project IBIL: Charging points (Repsol + EVE)

Energy Storage

  • Cooperative Research Centre CIC Energigune


Energy Efficiency in Industry

Oil & Gas

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