The Basque bio-region with over 70 companies specialised in Biosciences & Health

The biosciences sector has emerged as a successful move, able to add value and generate wealth for the Basque Country.

It is an important sector that brings wealth and added value to the Basque Country thanks to its heavy investment in R&D&I, the offer of highly qualified employment and the international focus. This industry is made up of 75 companies, 20 research centres, 4 universities and 6 leading hospitals in the Basque Country.

This industry is made up of 75 companies, 20 research centres, 4 universities and 6 leading hospitals in the Basque Country.

The Basque bio-region, known as BioBasque, is characterised by cooperation between the academic world, the health system and industry, backed by an extensive network of infrastructures and public authorities that foster business activity.

Within the bio-region the business sector, with over 70 companies, benefits from strengthening different knowledge areas and technology convergence. Therefore, the biological know-how is complemented with a long tradition in engineering, manufacturing, microtechnology, electronics, robotics and automotive, and with the new nanotechnology possibilities.

 Test Tubes for Biotechnology

Basque pharmaceutical companies with biotechnological developments include FAES FARMA, a company with an international vocation that researches, manufactures and commercializes pharmaceutical products and raw materials, which are exported to more than 60 countries; BIAL, multinational pharmaceutical company which has its allergy excellence centre in the Basque Country and; PRAXIS Pharmaceutical, a Basque pharmaceutical company devoted to Health Sciences.

On the other hand, the following biotechnology companies can be highlighted: Progenika Biofarma, pioneer and expert in molecular biology, with the multinational Grifols Group, and the Noray Biosciences Group (Noray BG), focusing on biosciences.

The biotechnology sector is backed by an extensive R&D infrastructure. CIC bioGUNE is a benchmark centre in Cellular, Molecular and Structural biology, the only facility of its kind in the State and a European leader. Furthermore, bioGUNE also carries out its activity in the field of biotechnology applied to health, such as functional genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, among others. At CIC biomaGUNE, pioneer Research Centre in Bionanomaterials, the Molecular Imaging Unit, biofunctional nanomaterials and Biosurfaces can be highlighted.

Basque Health Cluster

Basque Health Cluster, Basque Association of Bioscience Companies. Its aim is to coordinate, represent, manage, promote and defend the common interests of the companies in this sector and contribute to their internationalisation. The main areas of activity (59%) are biotechnology applied to health, both human and animal, as well as the food industry, cosmetics, management, transverse services, etc. Within its areas of action, the most important is diagnostics.

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