Basque Country, competitiveness pole in the main sectors

The Basque Country has a solid industrial base, a sector that represents 23.5% of the GDP, encompassing the automotive industry, aeronautics, the environment, industrial design, machinery and engineering, among others.

Thanks to the industrial policy developed by the institutions, Basque industry has become consolidated in its commitment to efficiency, quality, modernisation and internationalisation. Proof of this lies in the clusters and their high levels of competitiveness, based on private cooperation management models.

The Basque Country is currently focusing its efforts on Smart Specialisation, identifying those fields on which to concentrate human and financial R&D&I resources; namely Energy, Biosciences for Health and Advanced Manufacturing 4.0 – three strategic areas.

Faced with the fourth industrial revolution, Basque industrial companies are already working on the extension of excellence beyond metallurgical manufacturing, with the mastery of new materials, the design and development of their own products, the incorporation of high added value and EICTs and the integration of value chains.

Smart specialisation in energy, advanced manufacturing and the biosciences have become the Basque Country’s main bid for the forthcoming decades.


The Basque Country’s automotive sector is innovative, competitive and comprehensive. Its high level of efficiency and effectiveness means that its management levels are comparable to the most advanced countries in the world.


The energy sector in the Basque Country is strategic and highly dynamic throughout the value chain and in the manufacture of equipment or services for the installation and maintenance of energy infrastructures.


The Basque Country is ranked third largest producer in the European Union and its network of qualified suppliers is concentrated in a radius of less than 300Km.


The aeronautics industry is one of the strategic sectors in the Basque Country due to product development with high added value and the generation of qualified employment.


The Basque Country is a territory of customs and traditions closely linked to the sea. It is not surprising, therefore, that the maritime sector has an important weight in the Basque economy,


The Basque rail industry is identified as one of the most pioneering, with solutions and services adapted to the specific requirements of each operator and project.


The electronics and information and communication technologies sector boasts pioneering companies that support the transformation of companies with a view to increasing and fostering competitiveness through the application of technology,


The Basque Country is making a commitment to a new economic model based on the Circular Economy, facilitating the production of goods and services while reducing consumption and waste of raw materials, water and energy sources.


The biosciences sector has emerged as a successful move, able to add value and generate wealth for the Basque Country thanks to its heavy investment in R&D&I, the offer of highly qualified employment and the international focus.

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