Euskadi is committed to R & D and Innovation

Commitment to innovation is the hallmark of the Basque Country, commitment that brought in recognition and resources at European level. The Basque Country is the autonomous community that assigns the highest percentage of its GDP to R&D, 2.03%.

The Basque Country is currently involved in the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2020 to improve welfare, sustainable economic growth and employment in Basque society through the development of a research and innovation policy based on smart specialisation and improvement of the Science, Technology and Innovation system, aligned with the European Horizon 2020 programme.

The Basque Country has the scientific and technological potential required, such as those linked to a world-renowned business community, to focus its efforts and take up global leadership positions in some of the priorities identified as strategic:



The Basque Country is the autonomous community that assigns the highest percentage of its GDP to R&D, 2.03%

Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network

The Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network is a group of Science and Technology agents working together, developing specialised, world-class, market-oriented research that contributes to the creation of wealth and welfare in the Basque Country.

The network consists of 120 accredited Agents: Singular Agents, Centres for Basic Research and Excellence (BERC), the Research Structures of the Universities, Cooperative Research Centres (CIC), Multifocused Technology Centres, Sectorial Technology Centres, Agents for the Spread of Science, Technology and Innovation, Supply/Demand Intermediation Agents, Corporate R&D Units, Health R&D Organizations and Health Research Institutes.

It has a complete map of technological infrastructure at the service of companies; universities, hospitals, world-class research centres, cooperative research centres and technology centres.

The activities associated with the basque technology parks represent 4.7% of the GDP, 4.6% of employment and 5.5% of corporate tax revenue.

Technology platforms

The Basque County has two important Research and Development platforms, providing jobs for 2,800 people worldwide. Their objective is to contribute to economic and social development and increase the competitiveness of companies, through the generation and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge.

TECNALIA. The Tecnalia Corporation is made up of Tecnalia Research & Innovation and the Azti and Neiker technology centres. Tecnalia Research & Innovation is one of the leading private R&D&I groups in Europe, with over 1,400 employees from 30 nationalities, 21 offices worldwide and 4,000 international clients.

IK4 Research Alliance. It is a private and independent alliance of technology centres, a benchmark in the European technological context. It employs over 1,300 professionals. It is made up of nine reference organisations in the Basque innovation system: Azterlan, Ceit, Cidetec, Gaiker, Ideko, Ikerlan, Lortek, Tekniker and Vicomtech.

Science and technology parks

The Basque Technology Parks are a key instrument in the Industrial Development and Innovation policies of the Autonomous Community. The Technology Parks in Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, three projects with a total of 6 campuses, are home to research centres, technology centres, innovation promoters and a good selection of the most advanced and cutting edge organisations in the Basque Country.

In addition, they represent a reference point for researchers in the most prominent industrial sectors; a place where almost 5,000 people are engaged in R&D&I. They provide an excellent location in quality, sustainable environments. Activities associated with the Basque Technology Parks account for 5.5% of GDP, 5.4% of employment and 5.8% of corporate tax revenue.

The Technology Parks of Alava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa contain nearly 430 companies, providing about 16,000 jobs and a turnover in excess of €4 billion.

BIC = Creation of new companies

The Business and Innovation Centres in Alava, in Bizkaia and in Gipuzkoa, located in the Technology Parks, promote the creation and incubation of innovative and technology-based enterprises. They provide locations adapted to the needs of new projects, management and technological guidance, possibility of access to seed capital, preferential funding in conjunction with diverse players and access to institutional support programmes. Since they were launched, these Centres have supported the creation of 2,000 businesses, which have generated 10,500 jobs, and have tutored more than 4,000 entrepreneurs.

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Scientific platforms

Basic and Excellence Research Centres (BERC)


    • FBB. Bizkaia Biophysics Foundation
    • BCAM. Basque Center for Applied Mathematics
    • BCMaterialsBasque Center for Material Applications and Nanostructures
    • DIPCDonostia International Phisics Center
    • BCBL. Basque Center for Cognition, Brain and Language
    • MPC. Material Physics Center
    • Achucarro. Basque Center for Neurosciences
    • BC3. Basque Center for Climate Change
    • Polymat. Basque Center for Macromolecular Design and Engineering

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