Lo que pasa por el mundo. EE.UU. abril 2015

29 abril, 2015

Solar to be cheapest form of energy in 10 years

Within the next decade, solar energy plants will deliver the most inexpensive power available in many parts of the world, a new report says.


State and Local Sales Tax Rates in 2015

Key Findings 45 states collect statewide sales taxes. 38 states collect local sales taxes. The five states with the highest average combined state-local sales tax rates are Tennessee (9.45 percent), Arkansas (9.26 percent), Alabama (8.91 percent),…


Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps.gov)

FedBizOpps.gov is the single government point-of-entry for Federal government procurement opportunities over $25,000. Government buyers are able to publicize their business opportunities by posting information directly to FedBizOpps via the Internet. Through this portal commercial vendors seeking Federal markets for their products and services can search, monitor and retrieve opportunities solicited by the entire Federal contracting community.


Regulatory Information By Topic

EPA develops and enforces regulations that span many environmental topics, from acid rain reduction to wetlands restoration. Each topic listed below may include related laws and regulations, compliance and enforcement information, and policies and guidance.

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