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13 marzo, 2013
ADB improving sustainable development – Phillippines and the Basque Country working together

The Philippines and the Basque Country both share deep historical roots which strengthen their economical and cultural relations up to the present day. The Basques have shared with Philippine people a common identity in different fields such as education, language, sports and technology. In fact, sailing in the past has been a nexus in bringing these two different locations closer together.

Therefore, it is our interest to keep working with this strategic ally in the fastest developing area in the world. The Philippines together with other Middle East Asian countries are playing a significant role in the development of new economic areas.

In this context, we would like to present our seminar for the next 13th of March in Bilbao. We will focus on in different sessions the essential collaboration between public and private organizations to foster Sustainable and Advanced Infrastructure Projects in the Philippines.

We will have the opportunity to learn about the Asian Development Bank’s role in these areas. In fact, this Multilateral organization’s headquarter is based in Manila, capital of the Philippines. Ms. Sarah O’Keeffe, External Relations Officer at the ADB will put us in perspective.

Two representatives of the Philippines will also be present as lecturers: Dolora Nepomuceno, Asistant Manager of the Laguna Lake Development Authority will explain the mission statement of the agency, which is responsible in the preservation, development and sustainability of the Laguna Bay . On the other hand, Edwin Domingo, Assistant Director of the MGB-DENR will give us a wide perspective of the Environmental Department’s goal at the Philippine Government.

Asia y Oceania 21 julio, 2021
Taiwan apuesta por las energías renovables y abre el mercado a las empresas vascas del sector

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Asia y Oceania 16 julio, 2021
Informe del sector de automoción en el mundo

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Asia y Oceania 13 julio, 2021
La Agencia Vasca de Internacionalización muestra las oportunidades de negocio en Taiwan

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Asia y Oceania 8 julio, 2021
Las oportunidades de negocio en Turquía

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China Automoción Feria
Asia y Oceania 3 julio, 2021
Basque Trade & Investment acerca la ‘Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition’ 2021 ​a la empresa vasca

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