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Cursos gratuitos, de 2 horas de duración. En formato de Webinar en directo, con la plataforma Zoom. Aforo reducido, para poder resolver tus dudas de forma personalizada. MARKETING DIGITAL Crea una estrategia digital para atraer a tus clientes potenciales.   Instagram I: Estrategia social y visual para promocionar tu negocio 07/12/2020 Webinar Zoom 9:30-11:30   Instagram II: Estrategia social y visual para promocionar tu negocio 16/12/2020 Webinar Zoom 9:30-11:30   Blog corporativo I: consejos y buenas prácticas...Leer más

After months of preparation, today the second edition of the F2P Campus, the world’s first campus focused on the development of free-to-play video games, finally begins in Vitoria-Gasteiz. The second edition of the F2P Campus started this morning at the Artium Museum in Vitoria-Gasteiz with an opening ceremony attended by Gorka Urtaran, Mayor of Vitoria-Gasteiz; Ramiro González Vicente, Deputy General of Álava; and Bingen Zupiria, the Basque Government’s Minister of Culture and Linguistic Policy, along with the participating...Leer más

f2p Campus araba alava gasteiz vitoria
Hristo-Ognyanov make it global
InterMundos – make it global: the difference between “good content” and “great content”

Bulgarian by birth, he was raised in the “country of roses” until he was a teenager and then studied abroad. Hristo Ognyanov Velikov...Leer más

Start-ups 4 June, 2018
Bind 4.0’s startup Hupi opens office in the Basque Country

"The Bind 4.0 program triggered this development and has been a tremendous accelerator for us. The diversity of the events organized gave...Leer más

Basque Industry 5 July, 2017
Google and Amazon join BIND 4.0, The Basque public-private startup acceleration program in the industrial sector

Last year’s success has encouraged these two giants to participate as technology partners in BIND 4.0, along with Microsoft and Siemens,...Leer más

Basque Industry 11 April, 2017
Mercedes-Benz Vitoria shares its opportunities and challenges with Bind 4.0 startups and industrial companies

Factory of Mercedes in Vitoria. The initiative comes from the company’s collaboration in the Bind 4.0 programme. Mercedes-Benz...Leer más

ICTs 6 March, 2017
Subsidies brochure 2017. We are here to support your project.

This document is a simple guide, designed to quickly find information about SPRI subsidy programmes that are or will be available in...Leer más

Entrepreneurship 1 March, 2017
Radiografía de las mujeres emprendedoras sociales

El estudio Mujeres con Impacto analiza sus motivaciones y obstáculos.   Tanto a nivel estatal como europeo, son más las...Leer más

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