Ulma presents a new range of forklift trucks

23 February, 2015

Specialist forklift sale and rental company Ulma presents the new Trexia range of diesel-powered counterbalance forklift trucks, manufactured by Mitsubishi, consisting of a series with a 7 tonne transport capability and a second series with 10 to 16 tonne lifting performance.

More specifically, Ulma has presented the new TREXiA ES series FD70N forklift, fitted with a turbocharged engine designed to obtain lower fuel consumption, which is 14% more efficient than the previous generation engines. In addition, the model complies with the current European Stage IIIB emission standards and includes a compact turbocharger that reduces fuel use by 18%.

The second series, called TREXiA EX, includes all the features of the ES range plus a choice of two control systems to adapt the truck performance profile to the specific requirements of the work in hand.

In standard mode, fuel savings of up to 14% are achieved, compared to previous models, whereas in fuel-saver mode (ECO), exceptional efficiency is provided during acceleration – without reducing the truck’s top speed.

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