The European HISER project promotes recycling of construction waste

17 March, 2015

A European project designed for the recycling and recovery of raw materials from construction waste, with a mission to contribute to environmental conservation, was launched recently at the Bizkaia Technology Park.

The project, called HISER, seeks to provide holistic solutions for efficient recycling and recovery of raw materials from construction waste and involves the participation of research centres and universities in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Poland, Germany, Finland, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

“The main goal of HISER is to develop and demonstrate novel cost-effective technological and non-technological holistic solutions for higher raw material recovery rates from construction and demolition waste” explains Javier Agirre, Manager of Ihobe, a publicly-owned company dependent on the Basque Government Department for the Environment and Territorial Policy, which is participating in the project.

The solutions obtained will be validated in demolition work and case studies throughout Europe. Moreover, the economic and environmental impact of the solutions obtained will be quantified from a lifecycle point of view and recommendations for definition of new European policies and standardisation standards will be proposed.

The project, with a budget of 7.5 million euros, is funded by the European Commission as part of the HORIZON 2020 programme and involves 25 partners from 9 countries including Tecnalia, Gaiker and Ihobe itself.

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