Symbio-tic’s goal, to facilitate person-robot workplace collaboration

23 April, 2015
IK4 building

In order to design solutions to create workplace environments that enable collaboration between people and robots, the European Symbio-tic project aims to develop technologies that allow the creation of a hybrid ecosystem that benefits from the power of machines and the accuracy and flexibility of workers.

Basque technology centre IK4-IDEKO is taking part in this initiative, which involves 15 partners from eight countries, with the mission of facilitating the automation of manufacturing industry and increasing its competitiveness.

The centre will be responsible for developing a plan to exploit the results of the initiative, as well as for establishing a business plan to be used as a starting point for marketing the project results.

Furthermore, IDEKO-IK4 will make a significant collaboration in commissioning a real demonstrator, where humans and robots work together on a production line in the aeronautical sector.

“The European Symbio-tic project was created with the aim of promoting safer and more efficient collaborative work environments between people and robots”, says researcher Iñaki Iglesias.

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