Smart pigments, with anti-corrosion and antibacterial properties, are in development

9 March, 2015

IK4-Tekniker research centre has made its knowledge available for a European project responsible for designing smart pigments which, in addition to providing colour, have corrosion resistant, antibacterial and heat regulation properties.

IK4-Tekniker is the scientific coordinator of the European Nanopigmy initiative, a project that has enabled the development of pigments that incorporate additional functions, as well as providing colour, and contribute toward reducing maintenance costs and improving energy efficiency in sectors such as construction and automotive.

The research centre has undertaken to incorporate molecules and nanocoatings into pigments in order to achieve functions such as anti-corrosion, repelling bacteria, preventing fungi from proliferating, obtaining self-cleaning properties for façades and even storing heat and operating as a thermal regulator.

Researcher Miren Blanco maintains that the pigments have been tested in different applications and can be incorporated into plastics, cements or paints “thereby reaching different markets”.

“’We have proved that the use of these pigments on the façades of buildings, with their self-cleaning and heat storage capability, leads to significant savings in maintenance and energy consumption that more than offsets the price of the product”, explains Ms. Blanco.

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