RTS invests €1.3M to automate its Mendaro plant

25 April, 2015
An industrial piece.

Basque automotive component and spare part manufacturer RTS is to invest 1.3 million euros to automate its assembly plant in the Gipuzkoan town of Mendaro.

RTS, which has already completed automation of its machining section, is now preparing to implement the same process in the assembly section, where 2015 investments in processes, machinery and automation will be concentrated.

Company executives highlight that the automotive spare parts industry is very price sensitive, so investment in equipment that increases competitiveness is a key factor.

In addition, the company aims to change the production strategy of its Chinese factory in coming years, in order to increase the efficiency of a facility that has grown from manufacturing between 20 and 30 complete references to producing about 160 components.

The company intends to move forward in its strategy of diversification of markets, customers and marketing channels such as online sales.

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