ITP takes part in research programme for latest generation Rolls-Royce aircraft engines

16 July, 2015
High speed turbines

Industria de Turbo Propulsores (ITP) is to take part in the research programme to develop high speed turbines to be incorporated into next generation UltraFan™ engines for aero engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce.

The programme is part the European Commission’s Clean Sky 2, a public/private joint technology initiative, aimed at reducing the environmental impact of aviation.

This project will have total funding of €43 million, of which €23.5 million will be provided by the EU and the remainder, €19.5 million, by ITP.

UltraFan™ engines, designed by Rolls-Royce, will be available for service from 2025 and will offer improved fuel burn and emissions.

Alfredo López, ITP Advanced Engineering Director, stated that this programme is the most important R&D initiative that the company has undertaken to date.

“ITP ensures its continuity at the forefront of technology research and development in engines for the forthcoming decades. We look forward to working with Rolls-Royce to make UltraFan™ the engine of choice in fuel efficiency, environmental superiority and reliability”, he added.

ITP is a joint venture between Sener (53.1%) and Rolls-Royce (46.9%), whose activities include the design, research and manufacture of aircraft engines and gas turbines. It also has 17 production centres in Spain, Great Britain, Malta, United States, India and Mexico.

Clean Sky 2

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