IK4 leads European aircraft recycling project

24 March, 2015

The aerospace industry is in constant technological evolution in order to design lighter aircraft, thereby reducing fuel consumption and contributing to limiting emissions of polluting gases.

Another key factor for the aeronautical sector is implementing more efficient recycling processes that allow the valuable materials used to build aircraft to be reused, and this is the research context in which the European SENTRY project is located.

The initiative, led by the IK4 research alliance, is part of the ambitious Clean Sky programme involving public-private collaboration between the European Commission (EC) and the aerospace industry, whose mission is to bring about significant changes in the environmental impact of aviation.

The purpose of the project is to perform differentiated recycling of the alloys used to manufacture aircraft fuselage panels so that the materials are not diverted towards lower added value products and can once again be incorporated into what was their original application.

Moreover, leading world aircraft manufacturers, such as the French Dassault Aviation and the Israeli IAI, have a major role in the project, whose definition and methodological analysis phase has already been implemented.

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