The Karten Space start-up and Alcor Group to manufacture nanosatellites

8 March, 2016
Karten Space

ALCOR is an industrial group whose purpose is to create and develop technology companies in the aeronautics, automotive and new technologies markets. In line with the Inter-institutional Support Plan for Entrepreneurial Activity, the company is committed to Intrapreneurship and has become an industrial partner of Karten Space, the start-up of Ainhoa Cid and Máximo Calvo.

As a result, Grupo Alcor has reached an agreement with Karten Space to become its industrial partner in order to manufacture nanosatellites. Consequently, the start-up will soon be moving to BIC Araba, the Alava Business and Innovation Centre, where Mizar Additive Manufacturing, the Alcor group firm dedicated to additive manufacturing, is also located.


The commitment of the Basque industrial group in becoming part of the Karten Space project, as well as entailing the attraction of local talent, is a clear example of intrapreneurship by supporting and investing in a start-up with clear potential for development. The support received from the Alcor group has been decisive for Karten Space to decide to set up in the Basque Country. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the tools and support of the Basque entrepreneurship system.


A young engineer from Vitoria, Ainhoa Cid, is the founder, along with scientist Máximo Calvo, of Karten Space, a project dedicated to developing nanosatellites to take images of the Earth. The project consists of the deployment of a constellation of nanosatellites to obtain images and data of the Earth’s surface in near real time. This idea won the first prize at State level in the 2015 Concurso Yuzz competition, after having competed against 700 other contenders.

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