San Sebastian hosts international conference on Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

27 September, 2016

Around 200 participants from 11 countries will attend the conference


The new challenges facing advanced manufacturing and materials will be revealed and this will be a forum to find partners and ideas to face the new era of industry 4.0 at international level.


This industry generates 15% of GDP in the EU and 21.7% in the Basque Country, where advanced manufacturing has been identified as one of the strategic priorities contained in the smart specialization strategy Basque Industry 4.0, which is already being implemented.


Around two hundred participants from 11 countries will attend the Conference on Advanced Manufacturing & Materials at the San Sebastian headquarters of Tecnun, where discussion will focus on new challenges, partners and ideas for facing the era of Industry 4.0 in advanced manufacturing and materials at international level. In the European Union, industry accounts for 15% of GDP, a figure that rises to 21.7% in the Basque Country. SPRI, BEAZ and the Innobasque Basque Innovation Agency, as members of the Basque Enterprise Europe Network Consortium, have worked together with CEIT-IK4 to organise this day dedicated to technology transfer and the search for partners for R&D&I in ​​advanced manufacturing and materials. Participants include researchers, experts and top international innovation companies, which will hold pre-arranged bilateral meetings. There will also be workshops.


The conference is a meeting point for governments, companies, technology centres, universities and other European and international organisations in the advanced manufacturing and materials sector. Participants will have access to opportunities for technology-based cooperation and business and will be able to look for potential partners for R&D&I in the next calls for NMBP (Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Production) and FoF (Factory of the Future) in Horizon 2020, the European programme for R&D&I funding.


Participants at the conference include Abdul Rahim, of the European Vision2020 Network; a representative of the Directorate General for Growth from the European Commission via video link; Amaia Martínez Muro, head of the NanoBasque Strategy; Javier Eguren, from Mondragon Corporation; Lucia Iñigo, from the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI); Javier Laucirica of IK4 Research Alliance; Leire Arriola, Innobasque project manager and Leire Bilbao, Director of Technology for the Basque Government.


During the day, the focus will be on future trends of advanced manufacturing in Europe, and all options currently available for financing R&D&I through European instruments such as Horizon 2020, regional tools like Era-Net and bilateral ones such as Eureka.


The Basque Country has obtained some very positive results in the first two years of Horizon 2020, with participation that exceeds 5% of the targets set for this period. A total of 176 Basque entities have participated in 326 projects, obtaining funding of 232.14 million euros. Also, the Basque Country leads the ERA-NET European regional funding programme Manunet for advanced manufacturing. ERA-NET is a network of national and regional funding programmes to support R&D&I in European transnational cooperation. The Basque Government is participating in this initiative to improve the competitiveness of Basque companies, especially SMEs.


This industry is a very important sector both for Europe and for the Basque Country because of its potential to create highly qualified, highly paid employment and because of its weight in the GDP of each. Therefore, maintaining industrial competitiveness is essential, which is why further innovative industrial initiatives are needed. In this context, the Basque Country has designed a strategy of regional research and innovation for smart specialization within the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan Euskadi 2020, which identifies three strategic priorities in advanced manufacturing, energy and bioscience-health and which is already being implemented. The Basque smart specialization strategy for advanced manufacturing, called Basque Industry 4.0, covers the creation of new products, the incorporation of new materials and the improvement of manufacturing processes, through the use of digital technologies that provide more intelligence, efficiency, productivity and sustainability in industry.


The Conference on Advanced Manufacturing & Materials, which will take place tomorrow and will be held entirely in English, has the support of the Enterprise Europe Network, the largest global network of support for SMEs looking to international markets, and the European Vision2020 Network, an innovation platform for research organisations and enterprises (especially SMEs) participating in the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020.




European Unionv  15% of GDP

v  7 trillion euros in turnover

v  30 million direct jobs, only in SMEs

v  80% of exports

v  80% of private R&D&I

The Basque Countryv  21.7% of GDP

v  22.3% of employment

v  41% of R&D


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