International nanomaterials experts meet in Bilbao

7 June, 2016

From Tuesday to Thursday this week, the 7th meeting of the European NANoREG project, in which the Gaiker – IK4 Technology Centre is taking part, will be held in Bilbao. The purpose of this project is to investigate the application of the EU REACH Regulation (system that regulates the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemical substances and preparations) to nanomaterials and develop new methods of evaluation suitable for them.


In this way, their safe use in industrial production, their application in consumer goods, as well as their innocuousness for the consumer and the environment, will be ensured. The event will be opened by Tom Van Teunenbroek, project coordinator and Environment and Health expert at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, The Netherlands, and Aitor Cobanera, Technology and Innovation Manager of the SPRI Group (the Basque business development agency, part of the Basque Government Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness), and will attract the participation of about 150 people from the field of science and European Union political authorities, among others.


Over the three days, the latest advances in research on issues of categorization of nanoparticles within the toxicological characterization framework (NANoREG Framework) and the preliminary findings of the in vivo and in vitro studies carried out in the project will be presented. Results obtained during research, when trying to provide answers -from an R&D point of view- to a series of regulatory questions posed by regulatory agencies and the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), will also be collected.


All the progress made to date and the conclusions reached make fulfilment of the goals set at the beginning of the project, in 2013, increasingly more feasible. This means designing a set of tools that allow the risk posed by the use of nanomaterials in consumer products for humans and the environment to be calculated and, on the other hand, high-performance strategies to be developed that allow fast, predictive analysis of the large number of nanomaterials with high potential to reach the market.


The work of GAIKER-IK4

GAIKER-IK4 has comprehensive knowledge in nanotoxicology and extensive experience in the development and validation of toxicological and efficacy studies for nanomaterials. Hence, its work in the NanoReg project is to jointly lead the in vitro toxicity work package in order to investigate whether existing methodologies can be adapted or not to the toxicological evaluation of nanomaterials.


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