CLUSTERS3 Project Launching Open Conference “Leveraging Cluster Policies for Successful Implementation of RIS3”

15 June, 2016

CLUSTERS3 aims at Improving Cluster Support and Development Policies and their Coordination with other Competitiveness Related Policies and Programmes in the Framework of Research and Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3).

Lead by SPRI in collaboration with regional and national governments from Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland and the United Kingdom, the project parnership involves also Tecnalia and, as “advisory partner”, the TCI-Network and has been one of 64 selected and approved by the European Commission, among the 261 projects submitted to the first call of INTERREG EUROPE 2016


Alex Arriola. Manager director. Grupo SPRI

Institutional Welcome and Introduction

The Conference was opened by Alex Arriola, General Manager of the SPRI Group, who highlighted the value of these business associations. “In the Basque country, the clusters are very important for cooperation between companies”.


European Commission / INTERREG EUROPE Secretariat

Patricia Valdenebro, representing Interreg, underlined the significance of this project, which aims to define "how public support policies for clusters must be adapted to successfully incorporate the RIS3 of each region”. SPRI and Basque Country leadership stands out; it is a guarantee because it provides a benchmark in the implementation of cluster policies. Interreg is an accelerator of regional policies.


Tecnalia and IK4 Research Alliance

Keynote presentation Boosting Competitive Transformation through Technology

Joseba Jauregizar, Manager of Tecnalia, related the story of the clusters in the Basque Country and put forward the intention of creating a new relationship “between technology centres and clusters in order to create projects in RIS3 areas”.


Descargar presentación pdf.imagen spri flecha

Juan Otegi, Communications, Marketing and Market Manager of the IK4 Research Alliance, emphasised the value of clusters for the technological transformation of enterprises: “With clusters I have much better information about where Basque industry is going and therefore can better adjust my capabilities to the needs of the territory".


Descargar presentación pdf.imagen spri flecha

AFM (Cluster Manufactura Avanzada), Cluster de Aeronáutica y Espacio (HEGAN), Cluster de Automoción (ACICAE), Cluster de Energía, GAIA y Foro Marítimo Vasco.

Discussion Panel with CLUSTERS3 Project Basque Country Stakeholder Clusters

On this panel, the Basque Country clusters reflected on their relationship with large enterprises, SMEs and public administrations. The second line of debate was the role of clusters in the promotion and implementation of smart specialisation in Basque companies. The third line displayed the future and especially interregionality and intercluster collaboration as a way to competitiveness.


Basque Country, Hajdú-Bihar (Hungary), Highlands & Islands (Scotland), Latvia, Lubelskie (Poland), Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) and Piamonte (Italy).

Discussion Panel with CLUSTERS3 Project Parner Regions Cluster Policy Managing Authorities

Each of the representatives of the regions described the reasons and the process for the implementation of their respective cluster policies; a sharing of the diversity of the business fabric, its organisation and its needs in each participating region


Presentation of next coming CLUSTERS3 Project Parnership Meeting and Host Region, Piamonte

"Pass the Torch" and Closing Ceremony


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