Biomagune joins a project to advance in the biomedical use of graphene

6 April, 2016
The costs of Graphene Flagship are 1 billion euros.

The Basque Centre for Cooperative Research in Biomaterials, CIC biomaGUNE, has joined the Graphene Flagship project, a major European initiative that aims to research the application of graphene in new generation biomedical implants.

The CIC biomaGUNE research team which is to be involved in the initiative will be led by the Italian researcher Maurizio Prato, one of the most important scientists in research into advanced materials like graphene and carbon nanotubes.

The work of Prato, who joined Biomagune last October through the Ikerbasque programme, is based on the functionalization of high quality graphene as a main electronic component of the new generation of implants.

The group led by Prato will focus on going deeper into the introduction of molecules with therapeutic properties into implants in order to increase the biocompatibility of these materials in nervous tissues.

The European Graphene Flagship macroproject is divided into 16 blocks and CIC biomaGUNE is participating in the section addressing biomedical applications.

The European Commission has provided the Graphene Flagship project with a budget of 1 billion euros for coordinated research of this material over the next ten years.

The initiative is Europe’s biggest ever joint scientific research initiative.

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