Biodonostia creates group to research head and neck cancer

2 March, 2015

Biodonostia Health Research Institute has promoted the creation of a research group made up of head and neck cancer specialists from several hospitals in the North of Spain, aimed at making progress in research into these illnesses.

The initial meeting of this working group was held on 20 February last at IIS Biodonostia, with the aim of promoting synergies to work more efficiently in the search for solutions to this health challenge, analyse the latest developments in this field and explore prospects for the future.

Total cancer incidence projections for the Spanish population in 2015 are 222,069 cases, of which more than 16,000 will be diagnosed as head and neck cancer. It is the seventh most common type of cancer in the population, with a higher incidence in men and high mortality: 2 out of each 5 people affected die within five years of being diagnosed.

The hospitals taking part include Hospital Central de Asturias, Hospital Universitario Cruces, Hospital de Basurto, Hospital de Galdakao and Hospital Universitario Donostia.

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