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28 November, 2017
Noatum Container Terminal Bilbao inaugurates automated access system for lorries to the Port of Bilbao

It will enable maximum use of the telematics solutions implemented by the Port Authority of Bilbao (APB)
A moment of the inauguration.

It will enable maximum use of the telematics solutions implemented by the Port Authority of Bilbao (APB)


Noatum Container Terminal Bilbao, part of the Noatum Ports group and concession holder for the container terminal at the Port of Bilbao, has launched the new automated access system for lorries at the terminal, which will maximize use of the complementary telematics solutions implemented by the Port Authority of Bilbao.

The new access systems mean more efficient management of container reception and delivery by significantly reducing waiting times for lorries, while ensuring total control of the process and real-time recording. The new facility has 7 entry and 3 exit gates. In addition, there is a direct access system for lorries with an access code.

Once the investment project for new access systems is completed, the railway terminal will be extended another 100 metres, with both projects accounting for total investment of 4 million euros. At the same time, the renewal of its associated equipment involves other 6 million euros investment, renewal of yard cranes and railway cranes, investments essential for the necessary update in a terminal with a vocation for the future. Of the 34 million euro investment committed in the Port of Bilbao for the 2016-2036 period, about 10 million is being undertaken in the 2016-2018 period.

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