Gipuzkoan firm PMG grows 6% and invoices €55m

20 November, 2015
PMG Polmetasa factory.

The Gipuzkoan firm PMG Polmetasa, specialising in shock absorber components for the PMG group, will grow by 6% this year and its turnover will reach 55 million euros, reports the publication Estrategia Empresarial. It has undertaken investment worth 22 million euros in the last ten years. Like this, growth has been consolidated in recent years, with exports, standing at about 88%, as a key factor.

Polmetasa has completely automated production processes in its new facility, where close to seven million euros has been invested in equipment. The firm, which acts as the development centre for the other plants in the same business unit in the U.S.A. and Asia, reached European leadership in 2006 and since then has reinforced that position, distancing itself considerably from its nearest competitor. Such a high market share -above 40% in Europe – will not, however, prevent it from growing again this year.

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