BIGlittle Invest 2016 presentation

25 March, 2015

The Basque Country, located in the South of Europe and the North of Spain, has a surface area of more than 7,000 sq km and a population of over 2 million inhabitants.

It embodies one of the highest industrial concentrations in the State and its quality levels place it as a leader in Europe. Thanks to its experience and tradition, the Basque Country is involved in the race towards competitiveness in a highly industrialised globalised economy; it currently has 1,660 enterprises operating internationally and more than 5,000 companies with the highest quality certifications.

This has all been possible thanks to the Basque Country’s fiscal autonomy, its own taxation system, which gives it regulatory and management capability.

BIGlittle Basque Country expresses the strength and energy of this country, with its vocation to face the most complex challenges.

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