ASK Chemicals presents its new centralized headquarters in the Port of Bilbao

29 March, 2016
Minister Arantxa Tapia, in the presentation of Ask Chemicals.

The move from the three factories located in Cantabria and the Basque Country will take place in several phases.


The German chemical multinational ASK Chemicals has presented the project it will undertake in the industrial area of the Port of Bilbao to centralise production from its factories in Cantabria, Gipuzkoa and Araba. This plan was announced in September and will involve an investment of 10 million euros.

The new plant will comprise premises with a surface area of 10,000 square metres standing on a 30,000 square metre plot. The company currently has a workforce of 80 persons spread throughout the three plants that are now being centralised and the forecast is to increase it up to a hundred jobs.

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