Ask Chemicals announces that it will centralise production in the Port of Bilbao

9 September, 2015
The company is specialised in the production and distribution of chemicals for the industrial sector

German chemical multinational ASK Chemicals has announced that it will invest 10 million euros in centralising production from its factories in Cantabria, Gipuzkoa and Araba in a single, newly constructed plant located in Zierbana, in the Port of Bilbao.

The company, which specialises in the production and distribution of chemicals for the industrial sector, will organise the transfer of its activities to the new facilities in several stages in order to facilitate the process and cause its customers less inconvenience.

The new plant will comprise premises with a surface area of 10,000 square metres standing on a 30,000 square metre plot. The project will involve an initial investment of 6 million euros, which will reach 10 million when the process is complete.

According to the company, the current workforce employed at the existing plants in Castro Urdiales (Cantabria), Idiazabal (Gipuzkoa) and Artziniega (Araba) will not be affected by the transfer.

The process centralisation decision responds to the need to optimise the current business area served by the firm, but is also intended to explore new avenues for the future.

Moreover, the company has chosen the Port of Bilbao because it is a location with transport infrastructures that facilitate distribution to various parts of southern Europe, such as Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

The German company is present in more than twenty countries, with its own factories in 16 of them, which employ about 1,700 people.

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