ADWEN: Basque company Gamesa and French enterprise Areva form joint venture to promote offshore wind business

11 March, 2015

Basque wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa and French energy company Areva have signed an agreement to create the joint venture Adwen to promote offshore wind farm business. Adwen will have its registered offices in the Bizkaia Technology Park, at the headquarters of Gamesa in Zamudio, and each company will own a 50% stake.

Adwen aims to achieve a 20% market share of offshore wind turbines in Europe by 2020. Offshore wind power is one of the renewable energy sources with most growth potential in forthcoming years, mainly in the coastal countries of Northern Europe, with forecasts of reaching 25 GW installed by 2020.

Collaboration between Gamesa and Areva will position the joint venture as one of the leading groups in the offshore wind industry, with an active role in developing the sector, by providing: Experience, innovation and R&D investment to develop competitive technologies; Industrial capability and solid experience in internal and external supply chain development, and proven efficient management of onshore business applied to offshore.


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