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Invest in the basque country A prestigious management training centre opens its first European office in Bilbao

The David J. Anderson School of Management targets the training of managers to increase the competitiveness of their companies using the Kanban method

Invest in the basque country Aided by the SPRI Group, the British company Jasun Envirocare will open a manufacturing plant in Enkarterri to operate in southern Europe

16 new foreign companies were established and another 22 already existing companies reinvested in Euskadi, the Basque Country, in 2018, creating 644 jobs and investing €136.3M through the “Invest ..

Basque Industry In Cannes, the SPRI Group General Manager receives the Financial Times award for the Basque Country as an attractive region for foreign investment

four aspects of the Invest in the Basque Country strategy of the SPRI Group and the Basque Government have received awards

Invest in the basque country Columbus launches a €70 million fund for biomedicine

With the new investment fund, the managers plan to build two new plants in San Sebastian

Invest in the basque country The Financial Times continues to rank the Basque Country as an attractive region for foreign investments

This is the third consecutive year that the prestigious specialised publication has recognised the efforts of “Invest in the Basque Country”

Invest in the basque country Contacts with the Bombay Industries Association interested in investing in the Basque Country

“Invest in the Basque Country”, the SPRI Group strategy aimed at attracting foreign investment into the Basque Country, has met a delegation of 30 companies

Euskadinnova Aludium invests 20 million euros in its Amorebieta plant

El grupo ha anunciado la adquisición de un horno quemador con capacidad para fundir distintos tipos de chatarra

Basque Industry A delegation of 11 Austrian companies and institutions visits the Basque Country to learn about leading Industry 4.0 projects

The mission, organized by the SPRI Group, was used to show the operation of projects such as the Basque Country Technology Park Network, the Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Center and the ..

Invest in the basque country Invest in the Basque Country: “We have the supply chain for any business, industry or services”

Marian Ibarrondo of Invest in the Basque Country, the Basque initiative for foreign investment attraction, says that an investor can find a comprehensive supply chain for industry and services in ..

Invest in the basque country The multinational Hauck increases its investments in the Basque Country

Hauck estimates that it will increase production in Atxondo between 20% and 50%

Europe The Basque Country is taking part in a pioneering European project for Big Data to support Public Health policies

he initiative brings together a consortium of 50 companies from 16 countries

Internationalisation Bombardier will manufacture part of a train order for France at its Trapagaran plant

The Biscay plant will manufacture the propulsion equipment for the trains

Invest in the basque country The multinational ASK Chemicals boosts its factory in the port of Bilbao after investing €7M

For strategic reasons, the German company has chosen to move the activity from its three plants in Gipuzkoa, Alava and Cantabria to Zierbena (Biscay/Bizkaia)

Internationalisation Iñaki Tellechea, Business Promotion Manager of Spri: “We are expensive, but we are reliable»

Iñaki Tellechea, Business Promotion Manager of Spri, believes that “investment here does not have to be opportunistic. Those who come, do so to stay”.

Invest in the basque country Noatum Container Terminal Bilbao inaugurates automated access system for lorries to the Port of Bilbao

It will enable maximum use of the telematics solutions implemented by the Port Authority of Bilbao (APB)

Invest in the basque country Michelin to invest €80 million in its Vitoria factory

The initiative, part of the expansion programmes for the multinational group’s largest industrial centre in Europe, will create 65 direct jobs