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fDi Intelligence magazine, a specialist division from the Financial Times group, highlights the efforts of the SPRI Group in attracting investment for the fourth time in a row For the fourth consecutive year, the Financial Times recognises the attractiveness of the Basque Country as a European region in which to invest among 148 analysed regions. Specifically, this year the Basque Country has been awarded first place as a medium-sized region in its strategy to attract foreign investment and also in the TOP 10 as the best region in Southern...Leer más

The document has been prepared by the SPRI Group and the company Sayma Companies have a guide to making investments in the Basque Country, prepared by the SPRI Group (the Basque business development agency) and the company Sayma. The document, available in several languages, provides a detailed overview of the business opportunities in the Basque Country.   Thus, the operation of the clusters, the innovation system or the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network, as well as the Basque tax system itself, are outlined. In...Leer más

A prestigious management training centre opens its first European office in Bilbao

  The David J. Anderson School of Management targets the training of managers to increase the competitiveness of their companies...Leer más

Aided by the SPRI Group, the British company Jasun Envirocare will open a manufacturing plant in Enkarterri to operate in southern Europe

  16 new foreign companies were established and another 22 already existing companies reinvested in Euskadi, the Basque Country, in 2018,...Leer más

Basque Industry 12 March, 2019
In Cannes, the SPRI Group General Manager receives the Financial Times award for the Basque Country as an attractive region for foreign investment

  Four aspects of the Invest in the Basque Country strategy of the SPRI Group and the Basque Government have received...Leer más

Invest in the basque country 28 January, 2019
Columbus launches a €70 million fund for biomedicine

With the new investment fund, the managers plan to build two new plants in San Sebastian   Columbus Venture Partners already has...Leer más

Invest in the basque country 26 January, 2019
The Financial Times continues to rank the Basque Country as an attractive region for foreign investments

This is the third consecutive year that the prestigious specialised publication has recognised the efforts of “Invest in the Basque...Leer más

Contacts with the Bombay Industries Association interested in investing in the Basque Country

“Invest in the Basque Country”, the SPRI Group strategy aimed at attracting foreign investment into the Basque Country, has met a...Leer más

Euskadinnova 19 April, 2018
Aludium invests 20 million euros in its Amorebieta plant

The group has announced the acquisition of a melting furnace capable of processing different types of scrap In order to boost its...Leer más

Basque Industry 13 March, 2018
A delegation of 11 Austrian companies and institutions visits the Basque Country to learn about leading Industry 4.0 projects

The mission, organized by the SPRI Group, was used to show the operation of projects such as the Basque Country Technology Park Network,...Leer más

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