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News 13 April, 2016 Internationalisation Latin america

This happened in Mundura Begira. The first congress of Basque Internationalization Consortium

Videos and the congress presentations
mundura begira

Mundura Begira’ – Looking towards the world is an event organised by the Basque Internationalisation Consortium , aimed at presenting internationalisation tendencies, the markets that offer the most and best opportunities, the risks of tackling new markets, In short, about INTERNATIONALISATION in capital letters.

‘Mundura Begira’ set out as a Platform of reflection and learning, where companies and institutions linked to internationalisation could get to know how the world and different markets will evolve, how to act and overcome obstacles in different geographical zones and how to commence, develop and consolidate the internationalisation processes of companies.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Predicting Tomorrow's Economy

Expert on principal trends in international business, including 'big data', demographic forecasts and the revolution of social networks


Download presentation pdf.imagen spri flecha

Francois Conradie – Head of Research NKC African Economics, An Oxford Economics Company

South Africa: What does the political economy mean for market entrants?

Conradie said that South Africa offers great opportunities because there are many important things to do . The best business opportunities for Basque companies are in the fields of biotechnology , energy efficiency , green economy , housing and transport , especially .


Download presentation pdf.imagen spri flecha

Francois Conradie – Head of Research NKC African Economics, An Oxford Economics Company

South Africa: Colloquium

Françoise Conradie discussed the political situation in the country , which holds municipal elections in 2016 , and also about business opportunities.


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