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News 31 January, 2018 Germany

The Basque Country is taking part in a pioneering European project for Big Data to support Public Health policies

he initiative brings together a consortium of 50 companies from 16 countries

The Basque group Innovalia is leading a pioneering European project on big data in the field of Public Health. The Midas (Meaningful Integration of Data Analytics and Services) Project aims to create big data applications in Europe shred by six health authorities: the Basque Country, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Finland and the State of Arizona (USA).


The initiative brings together a consortium of 50 companies from 16 countries and was presented in Bilbao, where representatives of the healthcare systems from the countries involved met.


Thanks to the MIDAS Project, health authorities will have new tools to analyse the effect of public health policies and it will enable them to forecast how to tackle new epidemiological challenges, such as childhood obesity, for instance. It is the first project to generate technologies for the joint extraction and analysis of clinical information from multiple sources (databases, apps and social media) in the field of public health.



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