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1 July, 2017
Multinational GKN Driveline rewards the work of its Zumaia factory

The multinational <a href=”” target=”_blank”>GKN Driveline</a>, with 26,000 employees distributed throughout 46 plants and that invoices 1,004 million euros each year, has distinguished its factory in Zumaia and rewarded the good work of its 402 employees. The award ranks them as the best factory in the Driveline division (transmission systems, electric motors, differentials and torque controls).


The Zumaia factory, whose customers are GKN’s own assembly plants, had turnover of 100 million euros last year. In addition, the parent company has undertaken to invest ten million euros to improve and expand the plant in Zumaia.

Virginia Euskadi Energías Renovables Eólica
Internationalisation 15 November, 2021
The Basque Country and the State of Virginia make progress in their agreements of interest to Basque companies in the energy sector.

On November 9th, in the Basque Country, we received a visit of Ralph Northam, Governor of the...Read more

Mundura Begira 2021
Internationalisation 3 November, 2021
Keys to the future of Basque companies in Mundura Bergira

Mundura Begira 2021, this year will address interesting thematic areas with which to better...Read more

Hristo-Ognyanov make it global
Internationalisation 12 July, 2019
InterMundos – make it global: the difference between “good content” and “great content”

Bulgarian by birth, he was raised in the “country of roses” until he was a teenager and then...Read more

Internationalisation 26 January, 2019
The Financial Times continues to rank the Basque Country as an attractive region for foreign investments

This is the third consecutive year that the prestigious specialised publication has recognised the...Read more


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