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News 1 July, 2017 Internationalisation

Bombardier to manufacture propulsion equipment for 83 French trains in Bizkaia

Bombardier Transportation, part of the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Canadian Bombardier group</a>, has won an order for 83 additional trains for the French Ile-de-France region, for an amount of approximately 867 million euros, and the Regio 2N type propulsion equipment will be manufactured at its factory in Trapagaran.


The vehicles, funded entirely by the STIF, are expected to come into service in late 2019. The trains will operate on the N line, departing from the Paris Montparnasse railway station, and on some sections of the RER D line. The Regio 2N trains are double-deckers with a capacity for 1,000 passengers.

Martin Wolf Financial Times
News 2 December, 2021 Internationalisation
Martin Wolf, chief economist of the Financial Times, holds up the Basque Country as an example of industrial reinvention
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Mundura Begira
News 29 November, 2021 Internationalisation
Keys to Mundura Begira 2021
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Driving Global Growth
News 27 November, 2021 Internationalisation
Download the report on key industries in emerging markets by 2050: DRIVING GLOBAL GROWTH.
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Virginia Euskadi Energías Renovables Eólica
News 15 November, 2021 Internationalisation
The Basque Country and the State of Virginia make progress in their agreements of interest to Basque companies in the energy sector.
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Mundura Begira 2021
News 3 November, 2021 Internationalisation
Keys to the future of Basque companies in Mundura Bergira
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