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5 June, 2015
What’s happening around the world. INDIA june 2015

A relevant selection of india news

Govt lays groundwork for 24×7 power for all

New Delhi:The government is preparing a blueprint for the supply of 24×7 electricity that will include customized plans for each state and lays special emphasis on green power and energy efficiency


World Bank: Indian economy to grow fastest, outpace China too

Warns emerging economies to brace for lower capital inflows


Indian steel industry loses out to cheaper imports

In fiscal 2015, India imported 9.3 million tonnes of finished steel, up 71.1% from a year ago, while it exported a mere 5.5 million tonnes


Indian Railways begins trials of solar powered trains

Railways is planning to come out with a solar policy for procuring 1000 MW solar power in the next five years.


India Poised for strong growth; GDP to rise 7.3% in ’15: OECD

India’s economic growth is projected to remain “strong and stable” at 7.3 per cent in 2015 on the back of revival in investments.


PM Modi to launch missions for 100 smart cities, 500 AMRUT cities this month

The key announcement at the launch will be the much-awaited decision on which state gets how many smart cities and the coveted central grants.


India’s import regime still complex: WTO

The USTR had last year initiated a unilateral probe into the country’s patent laws following concerns raised by lobby groups.

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