Swiss online industrial outsourcing company sets up in Arabako Industrialdea

14 February, 2016
Invest in the Basque Country.

This is foreign investment attracted by the Basque Government Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness through Invest in the Basque Country. It is one of 22 foreign investments that have occurred in the Basque Country in the last year through this initiative, Minister Arantxa Tapia explained this week.

The Swiss company Subcon, Online Industrial Outsourcing Market, has decided to install a subsidiary in the Jundiz Industrial Estate in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in Arabako Industrialdea, thereby creating 4 jobs. This foreign investment has been attracted to the Basque Country thanks to the intervention of the Invest in the Basque Country agency, one of the operational divisions of the SPRI Group, belonging to the Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness, working together with Sprilur and with the important support of managers of the above-mentioned industrial estate in Alava.

Subcon ( is an online industrial outsourcing platform targeting companies in the Spanish industrial sector. This platform provides solutions both for technical buyers in the industrial sector in the search for new suppliers and proposal management and for suppliers in accessing new customers and requests for quotation (RFQs).

Through Subcon the purchaser can submit an RFQ for parts to be manufactured. Depending on the manufacturing process required and the number of parts to be manufactured, Subcon automatically invites registered suppliers, who can produce this part, to submit a proposal. Then the purchaser can, on its own account, view the various proposals received. Moreover, Subcon shows the purchaser important information concerning suppliers (location, year founded, number of workers, certificates, etc.), so the manufacturer that best suits its requirements can be chosen.

Subcon is not an intermediary, so it does not interfere in the buying and selling process, price or conditions of contracts between buyers and suppliers. The platform provides purchasers with a large market where the manufacturer they need can be found without wasting too much time.

By opening the new branch in Arabako Industrialdea, on the Jundiz Industrial Estate in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the company will be closer to its users, enabling it to grow in all industrial areas in coming years.

The platform will soon also be available for German buyers. Therefore, SMEs that until now could not assume the high costs entailed (participation in trade airs, travel, marketing, etc.), will be able to contact purchasers and have the opportunity to export to the German market.

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