Siemens says it has plans to grow in the Basque Country

12 January, 2017

German company Siemens maintains its growth plans in the Basque Country, and the merger of its wind power division with Gamesa has not altered the planned strategy, according to Rosa Garcia, CEO & President of Siemens Spain. The head of the German firm in the State justified these growth plans in the Basque Country because it is one of the Spanish areas with greater industrial weight and it is no secret that Siemens wants to participate in the digitization of Basque industry through the 4.0 project.


At an informative meeting with El Economista, Ms. Garcia referred to the process of union between the two companies in the wind power generation field after the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Gamesa gave the green light last October to the creation of the wind energy giant arising from merging the assets of Siemens Wind Holdco and those of the Basque company.


After reassuring those present about Siemens plans in the Basque Country, Rosa Garcia declined to comment on whether Gamesa-Siemens Wind, in the medium term, will be a “Basque” or a “German” company.

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