Productivity in the Basque Country is 26% higher that the Spanish average

2 December, 2016

The Basque Country has a high productivity level, rated 26% above the Spanish average, according to a report published by the BBVA Foundation and Ivie. The study also highlights the economic effects of the Basque R&D&I system on the labour market: 46% of employment in Basque manufacturing sectors takes place in high and medium-high technology activities and 47% of employment in services – without considering public administrations – lies in knowledge-intensive sectors. Moreover, there is a very strong impact of business innovations, since 27% of turnover comes from new or improved products made by Basque companies.

As a result, the Basque Country appears as a benchmark in the use of the knowledge economy, occupying the top positions among Spanish autonomous communities, along with Navarre and Madrid. Promotion, support and investment in knowledge-related values and technologies is a vital factor in the growth of regions, as it directly affects their competitiveness, thereby improving productivity and generating employment, as the report acknowledges Consequently, communities with a more knowledge-based economy have per capita income up to 36% higher than the Spanish average.

To quantify the relationship between knowledge and competitiveness, emphasis was placed on the analysis of three factors: the first relates to the use and implementation of information and communication technologies, the second aims to measure their relationship with human capital training, qualification and skills and, as a third axis, R&D investment is analysed.

presentación ppt (fuente: Fundación BBVA – IVIE)

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