Polypal will locate its European headquarters in Bizkaia and increase production by 30%

11 May, 2017


The Basque company Permar, Sistemas de Almacenaje, S.A, the former Ferretera Vizcaina, located in the village of Iurreta (Bizkaia), has announced that it will be renamed Polypal Storage Systems and will be the exclusive worldwide manufacturer and distributor of industrial storage systems and shelving for Polypal, one of the leading brands in the sector in Europe, leading to a 30% increase in production, according to company sources.


The Iurreta facilities will also house the Polypal headquarters, which until now was located in the United Kingdom. All activities of the European subsidiaries in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands will be coordinated from the headquarters in the Basque Country. Company sources do not assess whether this decision to move the European brand to the continent has any relationship with the Brexit process, but recognize that Polypal is a continental brand, as the group has other brands exclusively for the British market.


The company has nearly a hundred workers in the Basque Country but expects to increase the Iurreta workforce by between 20 and 30 people thanks to this expansion process.

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