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28 December, 2016
Ibermática reaches management software distribution agreement for Central Europe

German company DPS will distribute applications developed by the Basque company
Members of Ibermatica and DPS have signed an agreement

German company DPS will distribute applications developed by the Basque company


German company DPS, specialising in software engineering solutions, has signed an agreement with the Gipuzkoa technology consultancy Ibermática by which it will add two of the Basque firm’s integrated technology solutions to its product range.


DPS will make the Ibermática RPS programme, ERP software for management of full industrial processes, from design to production and even logistics, available to its 7,000 customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland.


Moreover, the German firm will complete its services catalogue with the Olanet system, a solution developed by Ibermática which allows the management, control and capture of data from industrial production plants in real time.


In a statement issued by Ibermática, the Gipuzkoa company has ensured that this agreement “confirms its position in the sector and at the birth of Industry 4.0” and aims to “generate long-term projects and become technology partners of customers rather than just suppliers”.


As DPS explains on the same note, the Basque firm has been selected to provide “an innovative platform with a very high level of specialisation in industry”, enabling it to offer overall solutions covering the entire industrial process.


Ibermática Industria, the division responsible for developing these technology solutions, has more than 4,000 customers in Spain and Portugal and, with billing of 37 million euros, accounts for 15% of total Group turnover.



Ibermática presentation video

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