Guardian Llodio to produce heatable windscreens and green tinted double-layer glass as automobile spare parts

28 March, 2016
Logo de Guardian Llodio.

The company has made significant investments aimed at launching new products, improving production processes and respecting the environment.

The Guardian Llodio plant, with expected sales growth of 10% for 2016 and a total workforce of 500 employees, is currently in a process of change, reports local business journal Estrategia Empresarial. Plant manager Javier García ensures that its operating model focuses on production flexibility and orientation to small series.

The investment focuses on the launch of new products, such as in the case of heatable windscreens and green tinted glass, on environmental issues, such as the installation of an electrostatic precipitator and a waste recycling system, as well as improvements in safety and ergonomics. In particular, the installation of the electrostatic precipitator, which involves an investment of more than five million euros, will guarantee that Guardian Llodio meets the requirements laid down in the Kyoto Protocol on climate change for its sector.

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