Danobat installs advanced laser cutting equipment in Italy

3 March, 2015

Basque specialist machine tool company Danobat has installed 1500 x 4000 mm fibre laser cutting equipment in the Italian specialist ventilation company Kaer Industrial Ventilation.

The Danobat machine is a fibre laser cutting line, equipped with an automatic 15-position storage, loading and unloading system, making it a stand-alone system, which requires hardly any operator intervention. The aim of automated sheet metal storage systems is to save space and to be able to process different formats consecutively without having to stop the machine.

The Italian company, located near Milan, specialises in the manufacturer of ventilation units, suction and accessories for industrial kitchens and hopes to strengthen its position in the market with this new machinery.

The contract with Kaer Industrial Ventilation continues Danobat’s global expansion strategy and consolidates its position as a specialist in custom-made and large dimensions solutions in the laser cutting world.

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