Bilbao, among the world’s best cities at taking advantage of talent

16 January, 2017

A study by Adecco, INSEAD business school and the Human Capital Leadership Institute, presented in Davos this Monday, places Bilbao among the best cities in the world at managing talent. For the first time, the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) includes a section on cities, in which Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona and Zaragoza are highlighted for their talent management.

According to the report, Madrid is the first among these Spanish cities and ranks sixth in the world, followed by Bilbao in 18th place, Barcelona (20th) and Zaragoza (30th).

The GTCI focuses on the capacity of countries to manage talent through its attraction, growth and retention. It also differentiates between two levels of talent, which can be summarized as mid-level skills (labour and vocational) and high-level or global knowledge skills.

Bilbao and Barcelona are in the top 10 for talent retention, and Bilbao’s second position in this aspect should be highlighted. Both cities, along with Madrid, also excel at global knowledge construction.

This year the GTCI also analyzes how technology can increase efficiency and examines how technological change affects and intensifies competitiveness for talent and the nature of work. In addition, the 2017 GTCI suggests the need to incorporate “softer” skills, such as creativity, adaptability and the ability to share ideas and to work in a team.

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