Innobideak Prestakuntza Directiv@21: The advanced management training programme

Innobideak Prestakuntza Directiv@21 is the free training programme, intended to cover your company’s real needs, that teaches people about advanced management and business models.

The aim of this programme is to know the keys and the way forward in the six elements considered as indispensable, within the Advanced Management Model of the Innobideak strategy, in order to innovate and develop a management system capable of making each company more competitive.

How do we make our intentions happen?
How do we turn plans into reality?
What else can customers contribute?
Is it our responsibility to motivate people?
Can we do something beyond not demotivating?
Does social commitment have a direct impact on business results?
If you cannot innovate in product or service, what other forms of innovation are there?
What results should a company seek?
How do I approach innovation in my Business Model?

Prestakuntza Directiv@21 training modules provide a mainly practical perspective and attendees work on examples and guidelines to apply each element in their company.


• The information that you have and that you need • Systematic and participatory reflection. • Business model, differentiation factor. • From intention to action.


• Customer management as a collective task. • Listening to and understanding customers. • Systematic customer management. • Linking customers with our projects.


• People-based management: a comprehensive, systematic approach • Listening: a skill for organisations of the future • Committed people in healthy organizations


• Social commitment as a factor for competitiveness. • Our social environment, needs and expectations. • Coherence and integration with business goals.


• The need for goals and strategies in order to innovate. • The context that facilitates innovation. • Management of ideas and projects. • Innovation is quantifiable.


• Measure what is important and strategic. • Define goals and deploy them throughout all levels of the company. • Know the relationships between causes and results. • Management with indicators and anticipation.


• Basic concepts of strategic thinking • The strategic management process • Business model innovation and consistency • Thinking differently, some creativity tools.

Set your own goals and take part in the Prestakuntza Directiv@21 initiative. 6,474 executives have taken part in the last eight years.