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Invest in the basque country A prestigious management training centre opens its first European office in Bilbao

The David J. Anderson School of Management targets the training of managers to increase the competitiveness of their companies using the Kanban method

ICTs Subsidies brochure 2017. We are here to support your project.

This document is a simple guide, designed to quickly find information about SPRI subsidy programmes that are or will be available in 2017. SUBSIDIES BROCHURE 2017_EN Ask for them here…

Entrepreneurship Radiografía de las mujeres emprendedoras sociales

El estudio Mujeres con Impacto analiza sus motivaciones y obstáculos.   Tanto a nivel estatal como europeo, son más las mujeres que lideran proyectos de emprendimiento social que empr…

Euskadinnova Atomic magnets using hydrogen and graphene

The work has been published in the prestigious journal Science

Euskadinnova Light at the nanoscale to advance science

CIC nanoGUNE researchers manage to view infrared light in graphene nanostructures

Euskadinnova DHL starts expanding its facilities at Vitoria airport

The courier service has begun work to expand its facilities at Foronda Airport, where it will invest 23 million euros

Euskadinnova Biomagune joins a project to advance in the biomedical use of graphene

The European Commission has provided the Graphene Flagship project with a budget of 1 billion euros

Euskadinnova CIC nanoGUNE develops quality control system for graphene devices

The development consists of a technique for efficient characterization of the optoelectronic properties

Entrepreneurship The Karten Space start-up and Alcor Group to manufacture nanosatellites

In line with the Inter-institutional Support Plan for Entrepreneurial Activity, the company is committed to Intrapreneurship

Euskadinnova The nanomaterials platform led by Tecnalia takes part in a leading technology forum

The European Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation, has held in Malaga on 10 and 11 February last

Euskadinnova Biobide signs a contract with the U.S. Nathional Institute of Enviromental Health Sciences (NIH-NIEHS)

This contract agreement between Biobide and one of the main Institutions of Public Health in the USA, the NIH, is the result of years of preparation and study. BBD BioPhenix-Biobide, is one of ..

Innovation BH corporate intrapreneurship

Visual overview of the main features of the BH intrapreneurship model.