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Cursos gratuitos, de 2 horas de duración. En formato de Webinar en directo, con la plataforma Zoom. Aforo reducido, para poder resolver tus dudas de forma personalizada. MARKETING DIGITAL Crea una estrategia digital para atraer a tus clientes potenciales.   Instagram I: Estrategia social y visual para promocionar tu negocio 07/12/2020 Webinar Zoom 9:30-11:30   Instagram II: Estrategia social y visual para promocionar tu negocio 16/12/2020 Webinar Zoom 9:30-11:30   Blog corporativo I: consejos y buenas prácticas...Leer más

  The David J. Anderson School of Management targets the training of managers to increase the competitiveness of their companies using the Kanban method   The David J. Anderson School of Management is a training centre for managers, which is known internationally for offering business management and leadership development programmes using the Kanban method, developed by David J. Anderson.   The training centre in Bilbao, which was opened on 11th April, offers a European headquarters for the David J. Anderson School of...Leer más

ICTs 6 March, 2017
Subsidies brochure 2017. We are here to support your project.

This document is a simple guide, designed to quickly find information about SPRI subsidy programmes that are or will be available in...Leer más

Entrepreneurship 1 March, 2017
Radiografía de las mujeres emprendedoras sociales

El estudio Mujeres con Impacto analiza sus motivaciones y obstáculos.   Tanto a nivel estatal como europeo, son más las...Leer más

Euskadinnova 28 April, 2016
Atomic magnets using hydrogen and graphene

(Euskera) CIC nanoGUNEko talde batek grafenoa magnetizatzea lortu du.Image of grapheno. NanoGUNE researchers in collaboration with...Leer más

Euskadinnova 21 April, 2016
Light at the nanoscale to advance science

This work opens up avenues of research to discover the possibilities of optoelectronic and photonic nanodevices. CIC...Leer más

Euskadinnova 14 April, 2016
DHL starts expanding its facilities at Vitoria airport

The expansion work will enable the company to have an additional 7,500 square metres available. Multinational urgent parcel delivery...Leer más

Euskadinnova 6 April, 2016
Biomagune joins a project to advance in the biomedical use of graphene

The costs of Graphene Flagship are 1 billion euros. The Basque Centre for Cooperative Research in Biomaterials, CIC biomaGUNE, has...Leer más

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