Wattio smart home solution is finalist in the IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup

23 March, 2015

Gipuzkoa company Wattio, specialising in smart home technologies, was a finalist in the Internet of Things / Machine-to-Machine Innovation World Cup, an international competition organised in Zurich. The Wattio SmartHome 360° was selected as one of the 4 most innovative projects in the energy category.

The third edition of IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup highlighted the Wattio SmartHome 360° system as one of the most innovative projects in the scope of the Internet of Things applied to energy control. This solution is a kit that allows air conditioning and domestic appliances to be managed remotely by means of a mobile application and Internet.

Wattio was one of the four finalists in the Energy category of an event in which more than 400 companies from 70 countries took part. These awards, promoted by a group of international technology companies, ICT clusters, accelerators and networks of experts in technology, are intended to highlight the most innovative solutions in the fields of the Internet of things and machine to machine communications.

The Wattio SmartHome 360° kit is made up of a set of devices connected to the Internet through a service in the cloud that allows you to monitor energy consumption in real-time, control air conditioning systems and turn domestic appliances on or off remotely from your mobile. The system also emits warnings if unusual behaviour is detected and proposes energy-saving measures.

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