Wattio participates in a project to promote energy savings

24 April, 2015
Wattio hardware

Basque company Wattio is taking part in the Argitu project, an initiative promoted by the Regional Government of Gipuzkoa, which seeks to promote reducing energy consumption in the home.

The Argitu programme, which has been launched as a pilot project in the municipalities of Tolosa and Orendain and in the Urola Medio region, is based on a similar experience carried out in the Catalan town of Rubí, where participants managed to reduce their consumption by 18%.

Wattio was responsible for supplying a device, installed on the electrical panel of the house, to measure electricity consumption in real time. Information collected is uploaded onto a website so users can consult a breakdown of their consumption and understand what the main determinants of their electric expenditure are.

Users have access to the website and consumption data collection for a year, in which time they receive advice and proposals of measures to reduce their home energy consumption.

Moreover, they will know the household consumption instantly, so they can assess whether the contracted power supply is adequate and interact with others to compare consumption levels and exchange questions and saving actions.

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