Ve Interactive opens its first technology centre outside the United Kingdom in Bilbao

3 June, 2015
Veinteractive logotype.

Ve Interactive, a company founded in London in 2009 and dedicated to e-commerce, has chosen Bilbao as the location for its first technology centre outside of the United Kingdom. The new centre in Bilbao already employs 60 developers, whose main task is to integrate the Ve Interactive application range into third party platforms. In all, the company has 70 employees in Spain.

The company appreciated Spain’s position as the fourth country in the European Union in terms of e-commerce income. It also took into account “the high concentration of qualified technological profiles in the city and its surrounding area”. Estimated turnover in the e-commerce sector in Spain in 2014 was 14,610 million euros, according to figures held by Ve Interactive, which is 18% higher than the previous year.

“E-commerce in Spain is reaching significant growth figures,” states Álex López, Managing Director of Ve Interactive Spain. “Whereas the sector has grown at an average rate of 17.9% in Europe since 2009, Southern Europe has been growing at a rate of 22%” according to Ecommerce Europe.

Ve Interactive Spain opened its Madrid headquarters last September to provide support to its local clients. It reached agreements with more than 200 clients in its first five months of operation. With the addition of this headquarters, the company has 26 offices in 47 countries, with 700 employees serving more than 10,000 clients.

Its applications and solutions are intended to improve the user experience in purchasing processes, so that they can find assistance, guidance and service similar to what they would find in an offline experience.

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