Orkli and Ulma design a solution for the logistics sector

12 March, 2015

Basque heating components manufacturing company Orkli and Ulma group have designed a solution called Kanban aimed at offering the logistics sector a comprehensive service that works in real time and without waiting.

The Kanban service is an easy-to-use system designed to reduce delivery times and stocks. Implementation of this project ensures that all material movements are controlled by a centralized system, enabling all information to be available in real time, optimising processes and monitoring inventory.

The Sales Manager of Orkli, Iker Estensoro, believes that implementation of this new solution has allowed service to the end user to be improved: “The supply of material for consumption depends solely on the time it takes to transport the material from Orkli to the customer. This means that both the lead time in which material is delivered to the customer and the stock needed by the customer are reduced”.

Moreover, through this solution created by Orkli and Ulma, the customer ensures that the material required will arrive at the time needed and updated information on the situation of material can be tracked at all times via the Internet.

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