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Elhuyar’s machine translator Elia will be offered to websites that have the .eus domain so that content can be put into Basque CTo mark Global Internet Day, Elhuyar and the PuntuEUS Foundation have today signed a collaboration agreement designed to intensify Basque use in the digital environment. Thanks to this agreement, the aim is to take advantage of advances achieved for Basque in artificial intelligence so as to strengthen the presence of Basque on the Internet. According to data gathered by the PuntuEUS Observatory, in 2017 there...Leer más

  Cristina Oyón, Head of Strategic Initiatives at SPRI, has presented the results of the survey on the digital transformation of Basque Industry at the headquarters of the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) in Vienna   The results of the survey, in which around 500 Basque companies participated, form part of the next edition of the Industrial Development Report, IDR 2020, the emblematic biannual publication issued by the UNIDO, which covers the latest developments and tendencies in the field of...Leer más

ICTs 27 May, 2017
Deployment of fibre optic cable connecting Bilbao and US to begin on 12 June

Laying of the subsea communications cable, called Marea, that is to link Bilbao and the United States, will begin on 12 June. This new...Leer más

ICTs 6 March, 2017
Subsidies brochure 2017. We are here to support your project.

This document is a simple guide, designed to quickly find information about SPRI subsidy programmes that are or will be available in...Leer más

Basque Industry 6 November, 2015
Industry 4.0 ¿digital uthopy or business case?

Basque Industry 4.0, an event that promotes company adaptation to the Fourth Revolution Industrial, where new information technologies...Leer más

Basque Industry 6 November, 2014
“German-Basque dialogue about the 4th industrial revolution. The Basque Country at the European forefront”

Arantza Tapia So, Professor Wahlster, what do you think is the most important thing in Germany, the main objectives for industry...Leer más

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